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The RealActivity Physician Experience Copilot™ seamlessly integrates with ERP, Contracts, Grants, RVU cFTE, and EHR systems for a streamlined, efficient physician experience across hospitals, hospital systems, and provider groups.

Our Evidence-based Intelligent Attestations™ uses our proprietary attestation engine to keep the provider in the loop, optimizing AI safety.

Microsoft Copilot Prompt Engineering Guide for Healthcare Executives

Practical AI Prompts for Healthcare Leaders

Unleash the full potential of AI in healthcare with RealActivity's Microsoft Copilot Guide. Authored by our CEO, Paul J. Swider, and powered by our collaborative efforts with Dartmouth Health and the Boston healthcare community, this Guide is your quintessential tool.

Streamline operations, enhance decision-making, and foster innovative solutions while combating clinician burnout. Embrace our integrated platform to transform patient care and operational excellence effortlessly.

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Find out why it’s Better Together with Nuance’s DAX Copilot™

Our Physician Experience Copilot™ enhances organization-wide decision-making and compliance, integrates seamlessly with ERP and operational systems to help protect provider time, and assists in practicing at the top of their license.

RealActivity AI Studio™

Secure LLM Integration: Provides a secure environment for connecting to vetted health-focused LLMs

  • Support for (Microsoft OpenAI, Medprompt, MedPalm-2, John Snow Labs).

Intelligent RVUs™

An AI-powered system for provider RVU and clinical time (cFTE) optimization and financial performance.

  • Benchmarking and comparisons
  • Staff productivity analysis
  • Protect provider, member clinical time. Reduce burnout

Intelligent AI Attestations™

Keeps the provider in the AI loop and allows monthly attestation of all hospital administration data used in mission-critical AI.

  • Perfect for AI-driven revenue cycle management and CMS reporting data.
  • Protects the provider's time by establishing the maximum clinical FTE for a provider in a given month.
  • Evidenced based. Over 1 million attestations to date.



Your navigational beacon for AI governance, business Interoperability, and rapid response support.

Introducing our Wheelhouse AI CoE™

A center of excellence where innovation meets practicality. Board, leadership, and organization training, governance, incident reporting, secure Copilot, and more. A collaboration with RealActivity, Dartmouth Health, and Microsoft, delivered to the healthcare community by RealActivity.

Choose a plan that suits

your business needs


Best for hospitals stepping into the ​waters of AI governance and machine ​learning.

  • 30 hours of c-suite and board ​consulting.
  • Tier one governance tools
  • Deployed Microsoft Copilots
  • Fine-tuning templates
  • Introductory fine-tuning for your ​healthcare organization


Best for Medium-sized hospital systems and provider groups seeking advanced governance solutions.

  • All features of Navigator tier
  • Our full suite of AI security tools
  • 60 hours of A-team Consulting
  • Enhanced governance tools
  • Wheelhouse AI CoE™️ Copilot
  • Full Azure AD and LOB integration


Best for Large healthcare organizations and provider groups demanding the highest standards of AI governance.

  • All features of Navigator & Helmsman tier.
  • Comprehensive governance, security, and response center
  • Private test Copilot instance, connected to your data.

20.8 M

Average ROI for Hospital


Healthcare provider attestations using our proprietary Intelligent Attestations™️ engine.

RealActivity partners with industry leaders and innovative health systems for product development.

AI-Driven Enterprise Solutions

RealActivity brings you the pinnacle of AI-driven enterprise solutions through two powerful offerings.

The RealActivity Physician Experience CoPilot™ and Wheelhouse AI CoE™. These products are designed to revolutionize customer interactions, streamline operations, and enhance data governance, all while adhering to strict privacy and security protocols.

Data Privacy and Security

Both offerings are built with data privacy at their core. Your data is used solely for honing your own models and is not shared with Microsoft or OpenAI. Harmful content moderation is opt- ed into by default, and we rely on Azure's ISO 27001-certified secure integration.

Mission-critical AI Advisory

and Consulting Services

Purchase blocks of hours for mission-critical AI advisory and consulting services available to Navigator, Helmsman, and Captain tiers. Contact us for Tailored solutions andadvisory with Google Medprompt, MedPalm, Meta, and third party AI.

Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 Premium Packages

Are you looking to leverage healthcare operations ​data sources like Athena Health, Epic, Cerner,PeopleSoft, and Dynamics 365 with modern AI? Our ​premium packages include all the above features plus ​extended implementation, road mapping, and design ​services.

Proud members of Microsoft Startups Founders Hub.

Your trusted partner in mission-critical AI.

Pushing The Art of What's Possible

Ask about our additional Global Health AI Services

Microsoft & OpenAI,


POC and Demo Apps for Leadership

Responsible AI Dashboardand Governance Plans

FHIR Integration Expert ChatGPT healthcare consulting

Seamless ChatGPT integration

Tailored ChatGPT customization

Comprehensive ChatGPT training

Ongoing ChatGPT support‌

RealActivity Provider and Member Experience

​cFTE and CARTS (CARES) Tracking

‌‌Provider Burnout

‌Compensation Equity

‌Intelligent AI GPT RVU Management

‌GPT Powered Provider Attestations

‌CMS Reporting

‌Microsoft, PeopleSoft and SAP integration for AI in HR

Community Engagement

Boston Healthcare Cloud Community

‌Power Platform Community


‌Microsoft Tech Days

‌Microsoft MVPs, MCTs

‌Acceleration Economy Analyst Practitioner

‌Health Cloud without Borders

How AI can help clinicians improve pancreatic cancer detection | The Prompt with Trevor Noah

Our Team

Paul J. Swider

CEO, Chief of AI

With vast experience from clinical devices to Microsoft's cloud team, leads RealActivity's AI innovations, recognized as an Azure MVP and influential in healthcare technology.

Brian Smoker

Health AI Compliance Advisor

Champions technology and education to influence a billion users, with a focus on customer orientation, data analysis, and growth.

Gustavo Galviatti

Data Science Advisor

Combines production engineering and data science with a focus on HealthTech and research at ITA and UNIFESP.

Tressha Cuenza-Ola

Communications Manager

Enhances RealActivity's impact in AI and healthcare as the brand's communications linchpin, strategizing to resonate our mission powerfully with audiences.

Kethly Colón Lebrón

AI Learning Lead

Excels in skilling at scale, driving corporate AI training and adoption through innovative educational paths and digital transformation leadership.

Abdul Rasheed Feroz Khan

Engineering Advisor

Streamlines healthcare with Microsoft Cloud, leading community engagement and recognized as an Azure MVP.

Lance Lingerfelt

Microsoft 365 and Azure Lead

Leverages extensive IT expertise and Microsoft certifications to drive solutions and growth in various industries as a trainer, consultant, and mentor.

Amal Hosni

LATAM Developer Lead

A technology advocate, excels in agile application development across languages, ensuring quality and compliance as a Microsoft MVP and Scrum expert.

Jude Pevin Agbanlog

Client Success Lead

Ensures client success at RealActivity by facilitating digital transformation in healthcare with AI-driven solutions, building lasting relationships.

Wanvadi “Jip” Jotikasthira

Chief Financial Officer

Jip combines extensive financial expertise with a passion for advancing healthcare technology. Committed to enhancing our financial strategies, providing keen insights that drive growth and stability.

Ioannis Anapliotis

Prompt Engineer

Ioannis a creative problem-solver who specializes in designing and optimizing prompts for AI models.


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